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6 Tips for Preventing Truck Accidents

In 2011, large truck accidents caused 88,000 people to become injured and 3,757 people lost their lives. That’s why safety on the road is so important, especially when it comes to large trucks. With these 6 tips, you can help to prevent truck accidents and stay safer on the road. When we all drive defensively, it can go a long way in reducing these devastating numbers over time.

1. Be mindful of blind spots. Trucks have large blind spots meaning truck drivers may not be able to see your vehicle on the road. A good rule of thumb is if you can’t see the driver in their side mirror, they can’t see you. So, when driving near large vehicles, avoid driving in their blind spots as much as possible.

2. Be careful when passing large vehicles on the highway. Wait until you can see the entire vehicle in your rear-view mirror before switching to the lane in front of them.

3. Avoid cutting in front of semi trucks or other large vehicles. These vehicles need more time to slow down. If they are forced to make quick stops because you cut in front of them, it could cause them to lose control of the vehicle.

4. Be aware of large trucks making turns. Take a look at their turn signals to anticipate whether they are turning left or right. To make a right turn, for example, large trucks must first make a wide swing to the left and you may not realize they are turning right until it is too late.

5. Give large trucks extra room, especially in dangerous conditions like wet or icy roads. Large trucks need more time to slow down and make stops, and they are more deadly when they go out of control. Give yourself some distance from the truck to help prevent a collision if they happen to lose control.

6. Report unsafe driving or unsafe road conditions. Whether it’s an aggressive or impaired driver or debris in the road, report it to authorities. This can help make the road a safer place. And remember to always wear your seat belt and never text and drive. Road safety is everyone’s responsibility.

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