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How Truck Accidents and Car Accidents Differ

Whether driving to work or just being out and about, it’s likely that you’ve seen numerous car accidents on the road. Traffic slows down and everyone driving by is glad they are not the ones who were in the accident. Sometimes it’s just a fender bender with no injuries. Sometimes an ambulance is necessary. And sometimes, the accident involves a large truck which can be most devastating of all.

The massive size of large trucks makes them harder to maneuver and more deadly when they go out of control compared to other vehicles on the road. Truck accident cases are also more complicated than car accident cases and require more in-depth investigation to gather necessary evidence. If you or someone you love has been involved in a large truck accident in Tampa, you need an experienced truck accident attorney that understands the nature of these accidents and knows how best to represent your case.

Truck Accident Cases are More Complex Than Car Accident Cases

Large truck accidents have many of the same causes as regular car accidents like drug and alcohol use or distracted driving. However, there are also additional causes specific to large trucks. As a result of their size, large trucks are difficult to maneuver and many require special training and licensure to operate.

Truck drivers must be extra careful on the road and follow strict rules and guidelines for everything from braking and maneuvering to speed and hours spent driving. In addition to understanding these regulations, a truck accident lawyer will also understand how to thoroughly investigate a large truck accident to gather evidence for your case.

The Size of Large Trucks Makes Truck Accidents More Devastating

Accidents involving large trucks are generally more deadly than car accidents due to their size. Comparing a large truck to an average car makes this difference obvious. For example, USA Today reports that the Ford Focus was the bestselling car in the world in 2012. The Focus is about 14 feet long and weighs around 3,000 pounds. Large trucks, however, can be up to 60 feet long and weigh up to 80,000 pounds. That’s more than 25 times the weight of the Focus. In an accident, you can imagine just how much destruction the large truck can cause compared to a car. An experienced truck accident lawyer understands this and knows how to handle truck accident cases.

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