What to Do After a Big Rig Accident

Tampa Big Rig Accident Lawyer

Being in an accident involving a big rig can be very scary. You may not know what to do or who to call. But there are important steps that need to be taken quickly to help protect your well-being and to build evidence for your big rig accident case.

  • Seek Medical Treatment

    For serious injuries, it’s important to seek medical attention as soon as possible. However, it’s also important to take even minor injuries seriously. These injuries could be worse than you think or could get worse later on. A prompt medical exam will can help you protect your health and will document any injuries for your claim.

  • Call the Police

    Call the police to report the accident as soon as it happens. Police will create an official record of the accident which will be used as the basis of your claim.

  • Keep Quiet

    After talking with the police, do not discuss the accident with anyone until you’ve spoken with your attorney. You will likely be upset after the accident; this is not the time to make any official statements about the matter. You should contact your own insurance company but you should not provide information to insurance investigators without first seeking legal advice.

  • Take Photos

    Take photos at the scene of the accident. Include any vehicles or other property that was involved. Even if you use your cell phone, it’s important to gather this evidence now before it disappears. You should also take photos of any injuries you sustain due to the accident. All of these photos will be used as evidence in your case.

  • Gather Information

    While police will collect information on your accident, you should understand that your accident is one of many issues the police handle each day. It’s in your best interest to get involved and gather as much information as you can on your own. Exchange information with others involved in the accident. Include names, phone numbers and addresses, plus insurance information and information on the vehicles. If possible, get contact information from witnesses and have them speak with the police when they arrive. It’s important to gather information while it is available and while the accident is fresh in your mind.

  • Contact a Tampa Big Rig Accident Lawyer

    After your accident, contact an experienced big rig accident lawyer in Tampa to discuss your case. At Capaz Law Firm, we understand that the physical and emotional distress, medical costs and loss of income can be overwhelming. We also know that while insurance may pay a portion of these bills, it may not be enough—especially if you have serious injuries that will require ongoing treatment and costs. If you lost a loved one in the accident, you may also need to file a wrongful death claim. In this painful and confusing time, you need someone by your side who will fight to hold the responsible party accountable and help you get on the path to healing. Call (813) 280-5555 for your free consultation.