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The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has released its 2011 Annual Report which includes data regarding the number of people injured or killed in accidents involving large trucks. For reference, the NHTSA defines large trucks as vehicles with a gross weight of more than 10,000 pounds. More commonly, they are called semi trucks, 18-wheelers or tractor trailers.

According to the report, 287,000 large trucks were involved in traffic crashes in 2011. This is a terrifying number. What’s more terrifying is being an occupant of the other vehicle involved in an eighteen wheeler accident. Statistics show that when an accident involves a large truck, the occupants of the other vehicle are more likely to be injured or die than the truck driver. This is mainly because of the truck’s size. In an accident, a large truck can cause immense destruction, injury and death to anyone and anything in its path.

Occupants of Other Vehicles are More Likely to be Injured or Die in Eighteen Wheeler Accidents


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Sadly, there were a total of 3,757 fatalities from accidents involving large trucks. Of these fatalities, 2,695 were occupants of other vehicles—this is more than 70% of the total fatalities. There were also 427 (11%) fatalities of non-occupants such as pedestrians or cyclists

The number of injuries caused by eighteen wheeler accidents is also staggering. In 2011, 88,000 people were injured. Of those injured, 64,000 were occupants of other vehicles. Again, this is more than 70% of the total number injured. Non-occupants who were injured totaled 2,000 (2%).

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With so many deaths and injuries occurring each year, it’s important to understand your rights as a motorist. If you or a loved one has been involved in an eighteen wheeler accident in Tampa or anywhere in Florida, and you believe the truck driver or company is at fault, you have a right to file for damages. You shouldn’t have to pay for medical expenses, lost wages, or property damage due to someone else’s negligence. You may also recover damages for pain and suffering.

Contact the Capaz Law firm to speak with an experienced trucking accident attorney who has the negotiation and litigation skills necessary for your case. We will investigate every aspect of your accident, file a claim on your behalf, and fight to get you the compensation you deserve. Call (813) 551-1405 for your free consultation.

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Drunk driver crossed into Plaintiff’s lane of travel causing the crash. Plaintiff was pregnant at the time and trapped inside the vehicle until she was extricated. The heavy impact caused a placental abruption, cutting off the oxygen supply to Plaintiff’s unborn child. As a result, the child sustained a traumatic brain injury.



Defendant truck driver drove through a stop sign and crashed into the client’s vehicle. Initially, the defendant truck driver denied liability and tried to hide insurance coverage. The trucking company, who employed the driver and owned the truck, tried to hide data but we were able to obtain independent evidence.



Defendant was using a social media application while driving at an unlawful rate of speed, and he crossed into the client’s lane of travel. The crash resulted in a fractured leg and broken clavicle. The insurance company failed to act in good faith and paid extra contractual money.



Defendant was speeding and crashed into our client, a pedestrian. Our client sustained an injury to his head and fractured ribs. He was treated at the hospital and subsequently referred to doctors for treatment until he obtained a full recovery.



Client was driving his motorcycle when the Defendant, who was driving an SUV in the opposite direction, made a left turn directly in front of our client’s travel path and struck his motorcycle. Our client sustained tibia and fibula fractures. Initially, defendant denied liability. The court granted Plaintiff’s Motion for Summary Judgment as to liability, and the jury awarded the Plaintiff a verdict in the amount of $567,661.35.



Clients were passengers in a vehicle involved in a rollover accident, and the defendant driver denied liability. One client suffered wrist and heal fractures, and the other client suffered a slight concussion. The court granted the Plaintiffs’ Motions for Summary Judgment as to liability. Both clients rea