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Causes of Delivery Truck Accidents

Delivery truck drivers often work under a lot of pressure. They spend countless hours on the road, they have strict schedules to keep, and sometimes their pay is based on how quickly they deliver a load. This daily stress can sometimes lead to reckless behavior which can cause devastating accidents.

Driver Fatigue

Spending hours on the road can be utterly exhausting. But the job’s not done until it’s done. Often, drivers must keep driving even when they need to rest. This is when drivers turn to alternatives to stay awake. This may include a cup of coffee or a soda. For some, this means taking certain drugs that help them stay awake. The problem is that these drugs can have unwanted side effects. Drivers can become jittery or aggressive. They may even suffer from slowed reaction time. The bottom line is that nothing can truly substitute sleep, and tired drivers eventually make mistakes on the road. While they are pushing through to make their final deliveries, you are at the mercy of their tired driving.

Heavy Traffic

Traffic is simply an unavoidable part of life. We’ve all had to deal with it some time or another and we all know how stressful heavy traffic can be. This is especially true for delivery truck drivers who are on tight schedules to make their runs. Traffic can put them behind schedule which could make them rush to catch up later. This is one of the main reasons why delivery truck accidents happen. Hurried drivers may speed, may be more aggressive, may make faster decisions and may take more risks on the road to save time. It only takes one lapse in judgment, whether it’s a last-minute turn or running a red light, to cause a serious accident with an innocent driver or pedestrian.

Mechanical Problems

Sometimes delivery truck accidents occur due to mechanical failure. This may be due to a lack of regular inspection of the vehicle, or it could be a manufacturer defect. Determining the cause of the accident lets you know who is responsible and who should be included in your claim for damages. This may include the delivery truck driver, the trucking company and/or the vehicle manufacturer.

Distracted Driving

Another cause of delivery truck accidents is distracted driving. Simply put, everyone who gets behind the wheel of a vehicle is responsible for staying alert and paying attention to the road. However, sometimes delivery truck drivers get distracted which can be very dangerous. Whether they're using a cell phone to talk or text, reading information on a clipboard or scanner, or reaching for something inside the vehicle, delivery truck drivers who take their eyes off the road can cause serious accidents.

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