Fatal semi truck accidents may happen more often than you think, and driver negligence is often to blame.

On February 12, tampabay.com reported a fatal accident between a semi truck and a car. The semi truck was carrying 30,000 pounds of alcoholic beverages when it attempted to pass a car on I-75. The semi clipped the rear end of the car, causing the semi to overturn on the highway, and the car to veer off of I-75 and into the Alafia River, killing the driver of the car.

The report states that previous driving history cannot disqualify an applicant from getting a commercial license. In this case, the truck driver had dozens of driving infractions in the past 10 years including having his driving license suspended 6 times.

As expected, a spokesperson from ABC Fine Wine & Spirits, the truck driver’s employer, has declined to comment on the truck driver’s poor driving record.

Though the accident remains under investigation, fog has been ruled out as a cause, and it seems clear that the truck driver’s negligence led to this unfortunate accident that took the life of an innocent driver.

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